可实现的. 可访问的. 负担得起的.

为什么Arrupe? Launch your college career with the support you need. 在Arrupe, you can earn a two-year associate’s degree in Liberal Arts, 业务, or Social and Behavioral Sciences—and we’ll help you do it with little to no debt. 一路走来, we’ll work with you as you discover your interests and goals, then determine your next steps and help you transfer to a four-year college to earn your bachelor’s degree.





得到了. The Arrupe Difference is Unparalleled Support.

Where do you want to be in ten years? 无论你的梦想是什么,它们都是 可实现的 以一种优雅的姿态开始. With small class sizes so professors get to know you, you’re not just a face in the crowd. Faculty and staff receive specialized training to ensure that all members of the Arrupe community share common goals and values. We also provide extra services to meet whatever needs you may have. Core courses form the foundation for your learning—and the skills and knowledge you gain from these courses—will serve you throughout your life.

Following graduation, our alumni take all different pathways直接进入职场, 证书项目, technical development programs and trade schools, while others continue onto bachelor and graduate degrees.

  • Extensive one-on-one contact with experienced, full-time professors
  • A college placement director to support you through the transfer process

And the guidance you receive as an Arrupe student doesn’t just stop after you’ve graduated. You’ll have access to career services, graduate support and transfer advising services to ensure you have the support you need for success.










我们会帮你的. Our Urban Campus is Convenient, Welcoming, and Abundant.

位于芝加哥市中心, Arrupe’s commuter-friendly campus is just north of the Loop, near the CTA’s Red Line-芝加哥/State station and several Michigan Ave bus stops.

But when we talk about accessibility, we don’t just mean easy to get to. 曾经在这里, you’ll have access to not only academic advising, 辅导, counseling and case management specifically tailored to Arrupe students, but the entire 芝加哥博彩平台 campus and all of its world-class resources will be at your fingertips.

As a student of a college within a renowned four-year university, you’ll gain access to academic and social resources at Loyola's centrally located Water Tower Campus and the beautiful Lake Shore Campus. That includes the Ramblers D1 athletic games, 学生健康中心, 综合就业服务, 最先进的图书馆, student diversity and multicultural affairs, 达门学生中心, 博彩平台里穿梭, 和哈拉斯娱乐中心仅举几个例子.

而且还不止于此. We also provide you with the tangible tools you need to succeed. If there’s something you need to be successful at Arrupe, we’ve probably already thought of it.

  • 笔记本电脑
  • 芝加哥交通管理局通行证
  • Breakfast and lunch provided on class days
  • Access to The Market at Arrupe College, a food pantry with fresh produce and dairy, 冷冻食品, 罐头食品
  • 接触社会, cultural and spiritual student programs like movie nights, 开放麦克风活动, 舞蹈和文化阅读
"Each professor I have had has left me with an experience that I will forever cherish.” 豪尔赫·埃斯科瓦尔,20年


我们赌你赢. Most Arrupe students graduate with little to no debt. 不,真的.

Everyone knows college is expensive, right? 在阿鲁普学院不是这样. That’s one of the many ways we’re different. Using an innovative model that ensures academic affordability while providing care for the whole personintellectually, morally, and spirituallywe prepare you to continue on to a bachelor’s program or meaningful employment of your choice.

以佩德罗·阿鲁普命名, a Spanish Jesuit priest who promoted the alleviation of poverty and eradication of racial discrimination, Arrupe College provides a liberal arts education to diverse populations. Our tuition structure is designed to ensure students whose families have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) at or near $0 will graduate with an Associate’s degree with minimal debt. That means you can earn a two-year associate’s degree in Liberal Arts, 业务, or Social and Behavioral Sciences at very little or no cost to you.

  • All students receive maximum student aid based on the results of their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you are an undocumented student or a DACA-eligible student, you are not required to file the FAFSA, 然而, 你可能有资格参加 Alternative Application for Illinois Student Aid (RISE Act) and other scholarship aid is available to ensure Arrupe is affordable.
  • 确保财务知识, counselors will advise families about college costs, 提供资助, and scholarships prior to enrollment

负担得起的世界一流教育. 你可以接受这个and the savings you’ll receive by attending Arrupe去银行.






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