STEM专业, 代表科学, 技术, 工程, 和数学, provides a foundation for Arrupe students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in fields like environmental science, 公共卫生, 计算机科学, 数学, 生命和物理科学, 在许多其他方面.

A Pre-STEM concentration can lead to many exciting college majors and career paths.



  • 启动 Calculus sequence, which sets you up for various pathways in higher education or careers.
  • Understand, analyze, and evaluate numerical data and use it to draw or evaluate conclusions.
  • 分析, 合成, 评估各种信息, 的想法, and perspectives in a contextually appropriate manner.


To graduate with an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with a Pre-STEM concentration, 您需要:

  • 至少修满62个学分
  • 完成Gen Ed Core
    • Most bachelor's degrees in STEM require at least one semester of calculus, 所以你应该考ACMAT 161 微积分我 作为新一代教育核心数学要求. 在某些情况下,acst101 统计数据 是可以接受的替代品.
  • 完成Arrupe任务核心
  • 完成以下浓度要求:
    • 参加或测试ACMAT 117 有关微积分的我
    • 参加或参加ACMAT 118以外的考试 微积分二世
    • 参加或测试ACMAT 161 微积分我 (This course counts as your Gen Ed Core Math requirement; see above.)


In order to earn the 62 credit hours that are required for an associate's degree, you will probably need to take two or three elective courses in addition to your required courses. Depending on your interests, these electives might be a good fit for you:

  • ACBIO 100 介绍生物
  • ACCHM 100 介绍化学
  • Additional math and/or statistics courses beyond your Core requirements

Because STEM includes several different fields of study, it’s best to talk to your academic advisor early in your time at Arrupe to plan your specific academic path.


The concentration prepares you for more than 20 majors that you can pursue if you earn a bachelor’s degree at 芝加哥博彩平台. Learn how you can prepare for specific ones while at Arrupe below.

重要提示: Consult with the College Placement Director if you are interested in these majors at another college or university, 因为他们的主要需求可能不同. 


Here are some ways to explore which college majors might be a good fit for you if you are interested in a Pre-STEM concentration..

  • 浏览大学专业信息: Pick some majors that sound interesting, then visit their department 网站s. 你可以看看 罗耀拉部门,或其他学院和大学的系.
  • 探索你的兴趣: Look for events sponsored by colleges or departments that interest you. You can also look for student organizations focused on your academic interests.
  • 浏览有关职业的信息: 访问洛约拉的职业服务页面. They offer a resource called “What Can I Do With This Major?”
  • 如果你的平均绩点是3.0或更高, you may be eligible to take a class (usually at the 100 or 200 level) from one of the other Loyola colleges. This is called cross-college enrollment, and it is one way to explore the majors that Loyola offers. Only a few cross-college enrollment spots are available each semester, and you will have to apply and be approved by the receiving dean. Additionally, you will need to meet any prerequisites for the class. Talk to your academic advisor to see if you are eligible for cross-college enrollment.

课程 & 学习成果

Explore the required curriculum and what learning outcomes you can expect with a degree in 文科,专注于stem预科(AA).




Arrupe’s social justice mission and commitment to setting our students up for success fill an important need in the post-secondary landscape.




我认为教授的角色很有价值, not only as experts in their field but also as mentors and advisors to young adults looking to improve themselves and the world around.



临床副教授,环境科学; Assistant Dean of 课程 and Assessment

With its very small student population and very high-support model, I think Arrupe is one of the most innovative projects in higher education right 现在, 我真的很高兴能参与其中.




I am so excited to be working in a place where students are so valued and where we recognize their potential to serve our world and work tirelessly to ensure that they continue to grow intellectually, 个人和精神上.


Michael Nguyen博士


As a first-generation Vietnamese-American and as a first-generation college student, I can relate to some of the challenges Arrupe students face.







Throughout my time in academia my most memorable and cherished experiences have been related to teaching and mentoring students. Arrupe给了我两个机会.



就读于Arrupe大学期间, you are encouraged to start connecting your interests and skills to different major and career options. Arrupe职业服务 is dedicated to supporting students as they prepare for their career pursuits. 有很多博彩平台可以帮助你:

  • 浏览有关职业的信息: “这个专业我能做什么??" career tool helps you connect majors to a variety of career options and shares strategies to make you a more marketable candidate for the types of careers you want to pursue. You can access this resource within the “Career Tools” box on the 洛约拉职业服务 网站. CareerOneStop lets you explore careers and see detailed information about different occupations, 包括职位描述, 就业前景, 典型的工资, 教育需要, 相关技能, 和更多的.
  • 浏览大学专业信息: 每个学院系都有自己的网站. Pick some majors that sound interesting, then visit their department 网站s. 你可以看看 罗耀拉部门,或其他学院和大学的系.
  • 发掘你的兴趣: Look for events sponsored by colleges or departments that interest you. You can also look for student organizations focused on your academic interests through LUCommunity.


Because Arrupe College is designed for students with limited financial resources, graduates leave with a high-quality Jesuit education and little to no debt. 

启动 财政援助流程 现在.