Our community has been strong and united since the first workshop with Elizabeth Vosseller from Growing Kids Therapy Center in November 2014! Families and professionals have come together to learn how to support our children and students in strategies for communication. Our regular workshops and outreaches have provided  families an opportunity to connect , learn and develop relationships between children and adults who have alternative methods of communicating. We have grown from 4 families to well over 100 families and many skilled providers.

Our families and students are known to get together for community outings (sporting events, museums, etc.), as well as for learning opportunities (classes, book clubs, group lessons). This has been a defining quality about our loving and supportive community.

As a community, we also gather every month as  parents and professionals for in depth discussions about our children, students and clients. We are striving to dive deeper into topics such as: how to get started, troubleshooting, specific goals, strategies for parents, collaboration on working with various profiles, incorporating AAC goals into your IEP, fitness programming and how to incorporate purposeful motor. These meetings provide our community the opportunity to connect with one another, to think more deeply about the process and to get support from one another.