Every Voice Matters ATL: This is a Closed Facebook group for families and providers in the Atlanta area. Please contact Jess or Susie at everyvoicemattersatl@gmail.com to be added to the group or any friend who is already a member can add you in!

Unlocking Voices - Facebook: This is a “closed” Facebook group for families and providers using RPM started by a woman in England named Sue Finnes. Click the link and ask to join (you will be added to the group - it is a closed group to keep it focused on RPM).  Start by checking the files at the top of the page, they are filled with great information on getting started!  The people in this group are incredibly supportive and willing to help!

RPM Homeschooling Parents’ Group: This closed page is for homeschooling parents to celebrate their children’s achievements, share concerns, ask questions, share resources, etc.

Everyone Communicates: This page promotes access to augmentative and alternative communication methods for all who have little or no effective speech and promotes the use of positive supports and person-centered planning.